Business Analysis

Our Data scientists are adept at unlocking the answers to Business challenges. Utilizing customer data and Business data viz…merchandizing, supply chain, business operations data, we conduct relational analysis, and Highlight the Business areas that require enhancement all in an automated way.

Take day to day operations decisions basis data science. The decision may pertain to any department of the Business operations, our data science experts engage with you to pin point the reasons behind the challenge areas and present a microscopic view of the challenge area along with solutions.

We conduct Hypothesis testing, present multiple scenarios consisting of Plan A and Plan B and support you in Business Operations decisioning along with outcome analytics.

Marketing Analysis
Understand the effectiveness of your Marketing plans and offers that are supported by ATL and Digital communication. Finetune your offer mix and re - construct offers with near accurate targets, investments and ROI to attract the right kind of customers you are aiming for

Predictive Analysis
Future always surprises all of us. We bring in automated and advanced software systems to conduct analysis that predicts what might happen in future.

Which customers have the potential to become high loyal, which ones might churn, which ones might slow down their engagement. Predictive analytics helps in proactive ,management. Our algorithms have been accurate with upwards of 75% accuracy in the first attempt itself.

Enabling Single Customer View
We bring in expertise to develop and deploy marketing data lake that brings all your data at a single source including Campaign Data, Communications Engagement Data, Web Browsing & Digital Data, Contact Data and Transactional Data. This helps in providing you with eye opening insights with a microscopic view and also engage with the customers one on one real time.
Omni Channel Customer Behaviour Analysis

Data is the heart of any business; hence it is rightly said that data is the new oil.

All the years we have conducted the data analysis tell us that in Analytics 1+1 is not equal to 2. Our aim is not to just conduct an analysis but to obtain meaningful and actionable inferences for you and then work to plan and implement action points with well-defined objectives, and relevant measurables.

Democratizing the data is the need of the hour, we deploy software systems and dashboards that make data access to all decision makers within a click. Know your customer, create and deploy time tested customer segmentations using new techniques, conduct 360-degree customer behaviour analysis, develop customer contact modelling are some of the services that we bring to you