Is our unique attribution platform that optimises your conversion rates and marketing spend by bringing together every interaction an individual makes with your business, across all channels, in one journey.

True visibility and clarity mean you can target the right people, at the right time, on the right channels, with the right message.

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An Enhanced Single Customer View

Traditional SCV

  • Customer Contact Details
  • Customer Transactions
  • Purchases
  • Inquiries
  • Return / Cancellations
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Product Categories
  • Email Campaign Data
  • Direct mail Campaign Data

Enhanced SCV

  • Unique Advertising ID
  • Web Browsing Data
  • Cross Device Matching
  • PPC Search Terms
  • Social Channel Origination
  • Builds Visits & Interaction into Journeys
  • Web Transactions, Page Views
  • Abdon browse Measurement
Marketing Performance Measurement:
Combining data from site tags, cookies and all customer data sets, we re-purpose this data as ‘customer journeys’.
‘Journeys’ show the total costs spent and full on and offline behaviours of a ‘customer’ from initial interest to purchase or failed outcome
Driving informed decisions around spend allocation and marcomms planning that drives improved marketing ROI
Options for implementation and usage.

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Integration with your database

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