Digital Playback

Through “Digital Playback” a proprietary tool of our strategic partner’s GI

Identify Digital /social channels that give the maximum response

Identify what kind of customers (High value or Medium Value) does the respective Digital Marketing helps in acquiring

Bid for and invest in different Digital/ Social platforms accordingly as you will have the req. customer information, thus channelize your investments to get the best returns

Also find out which channels like a mobile app., emails. SMS or Digital medium or combination of communications mediums are most effective

Customer Feedback Management

  • Developing customer feedback flow and SOPs
  • Development of questionnaires
  • Deploying best-in-class customer feedback software
  • Customer feedback analytics and reporting

Social Marketing

  • Content creation through automated and innovative tools
  • Content personalization and deployment across online media
  • Management of social handles   
  • Deploying social listening software and management of social media

Implementation Services

  • Customer Engagement journey and CRM program management automation software
  • Campaign management software with real-time personalization and campaign management
  • Customer success team to manage the day-to-day program operations and make the program a success
  • CRM reporting software
  • Digital and Omnichannel customer engagement and relationship software
  • CRM customer behavior reporting solutions across geographies automation services implementation
  • Maintenance services for the software
  • Last-mile customization as per the clients’ requirement
  • Deploying customer success teams with experts in Customer engagement, CRM, Martech, and Analytics
  • Creating and deploying campaigns
  • Mobile app. Development, maintenance, and implementation