Smart Digital Shopping Assistant

Personalised Recommendations Engine

We help you “know” your customer, so you can individualize their experience

Dressire Platform in Martech is our deep learning Hyper Personalization Platform that helps Malls & Retailers KNOW, ENGAGE & ACQUIRE customers, thus Enhancing their Sales and Enhancing Customer Experience In-Stores and Online. If there are a million customers, then a million stores can be created  where each customer has a unique view of the store and gets virtual Style and Outfit Advisory. Dressire helps in showcasing relevant products to the specific customer; what styles to stock in which stores and what styles to make for the next season.

Engage with customers earlier on in the shopping journey through targeted marketing solution provided . Automate  Catalog Creation with enhanced meta data tags using Dressire Product Genome. The Platform offers 1-1 Personalization, Style, Fit and Outfit Advisory, Demand Planning, Visual Search, Chatbots, Virtual Trial Room and Targeted Marketing solutions for apparel, lingerie, beauty & cosmetics, shoes, bags and jewellery.

Online Lookbooks Creator

Currate the content for each shopper.

Help them FIND what they love, Know how it FITS and FLATTER them with complete OUTFIT