Marketing Datalake

Development and management of single customer view

  • Store Transactions
  • Web Transactions
  • Web events
  • Applications
  • Customer updates
  • Email Events
  • Customer Services
  • Data Management


  • Plugin automated customer recognition, data analytics, and personalization campaign solutions across channels
  • Integrated campaign management solutions that automate campaign management from A to Z
  • Automated customer response management algorithms that identify the best online response channels and help is optimizing the Digital/Social marketing investment



Your Data Intelligence Engine

Pro-Vision Single Customer View – the most effective way to achieve the “360-degree view” of your customer across their online and offline worlds and to transform your business using truly relevant communications.
Pro-Vision collects and integrates all of your data from multiple online and offline data sources, matching and merging it to form a single, accurate record for each customer across all channels and touchpoints for improved data quality – all to power actionable insights to deliver your business transformation and true multichannel marketing campaigns.


Key Features 

    Centralized Database

  • All online and offline data is centralized and accessible in one database. Every click, open, transaction, preference and interaction linked together into one single, de-duplicated customer record

    Enhanced Experience

  • All marketing campaigns governed from one platform and accessible to other systems. Pro-Vision is totally flexible and can integrate with any of your analytics or operational and marketing execution systems to power enhanced customer segmentation, predictive modelling, customer journeys, product selections

    Real-time Updates 

  • Updates occur in real-time or batch process enabling data quality to be improved across the business.

    GDPR Compliant 

  • ISO and GDPR compliant structure ensure you stay ahead of modern data privacy legislation changes and requirements.


Total Flexibiity with Pro-Vision SCV

  • You choose the data sources to feed into Pro-Vision to create your SCV. It is designed to accept and process a variety of data sources, eg address, email, telephone, and demographic information, along with suppression information, transactional data and communication history from many systems such as your ESP, CRM, in-store and eCommerce and social media providers.
  • At the same time as bringing all these data sources together, your Pro-Vision SCV matches and merges duplicate customer data, including enhancing it with additional third-party data to fill gaps in your records, broaden your insight and verify the data you already have.
  • Pro-Vision can integrate with all systems, giving you total flexibility to improve the performance of all your marketing and operational execution.

Benefits of Pro-Vision SCV.

  • Knowing more about your customer means you can target them better, satisfy their needs more accurately, increase loyalty and structure your organization to be truly customer-centric.
  • More accurate customer segmentation, improved personalization strategies and relevant, engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Greater insight into your customer’s online and offline behaviors meaning you can tailor your marketing communications more effectively.
  • By removing duplicates and consolidating records, your Pro-Vision SCV gives a more accurate view of customer behavior, allowing you to make better business decisions supported by reliable data.
  • Increased customer loyalty – Created by the more personalized experience and the improved customer service your Pro-Vision SCV drives.