Loyalty software

We as Customer One design & execute profitable loyalty programs that help you identify your valuable customers, have a relevant connect with them through engagement and generate incremental, long-term value from them.
We design strategic, operational and analytical expertise in evolving customer relationship programs that gradually nurtures your valued customers. Our loyalty solutions provide comprehensive program planning, design and development. What’s more, we include end-to-end implementation of all components which is required for a well-defined loyalty program.

Our proprietary loyalty platforms and software solutions allow us to greatly increase efficiencies in cost, time and reach of your customer relationship initiatives.

Our experience in one-to-one communication helps you connect with your best customers and build long-term relationships with them while staying in sync with your overall brand objectives.

We are equipped to design, develop and manage full-fledged in-store retail loyalty programs with both points and privileges-based rewards to meet your individual requirements.

Get in touch and let us work with you to conceptualize, develop and manage any kind of customer loyalty program you might have in mind.

Intelligent Offers Platform 

Salient Features

  1. Ease of offer upload for with CONFIGURABLE SELLER PANEL for merchants
  2. Seamless and ROBUST MAKER-CHECKER process 
  3. Compliance with banks business objectives with OFFER PRIORITIZATION functionality
  4. Centralized access-based role for better controls and security 
  5. Display relevant offers to customers with OFFER RECOMMENDATION ENGINE
  6. Accurate targeting of offers through the TG RECOMMENDATION functionality
  7. Easy reconciliation through a robust OFFER CONSUMPTION AND TRACKING functionality
  8. CUSTOMIZABLE FRONT END depending on bank’s requirements

Client Value Proposition 

  1. Customer lifecycle-based Offers
  2. Offer prioritization basis Client’s objectives
  3. Insights at individual & aggregate level
  4. Trackable offer consumption & ROI 
  5. Offer Performance Dashboards
  6. Branding & white label capabilities
  7. Fully managed support service
  8. Quick & Easy Integration

Other Key Modules 


  • Highly trained agents
  • One Stop Connect
  • End to End Service
  • Support beyond the booking


  • PCI DSS Certified System
  • KPMG Audited & Certified System
  • High Security with HMAC & Signature Authentication
  • Real time monitoring and Alert System

Are you looking to launch a fresh customer loyalty program or would you like to enhance your existing loyalty program with fresh relationship marketing plans, advanced analytics and best in class new age software solutions to drive engagement and business.

Salient Features:

Partner Marketing and Channel Loyalty

Customer One helps you develop your partner strengths and market potential through tried & tested loyalty platform programs across GCC.

We’ll draw up your channel strategies, build cost-effective action plans and partner you through all the phases of a loyalty program. Right from Develop, acquition, implementation of innovative loyalty schemes with rewards of high aspiration, digitization for ease of participation with us 

Our tested solutions include comprehensive strategy development and end-to-end implementation of your loyalty programs. Our exclusive technology platforms greatly enhance efficiencies in cost, time and reach of your loyalty initiatives. Our technology can be customized to work in tandem with any software that you might have already deployed to enhance your loyalty initiatives.

Enough choices of affiliations to keep the customer constantly engaged with your loyalty program 

Let us work with you to conceptualize, develop and manage programs specific to your business requirement.

Features of Partner and Channel loyalty 

  • Ease of access – Website, Mobile App
  • Customized Look & Feel – aligning with client’s brand guidelines
  • Dynamic program points logic- flexible application
  • Customized catalogue – Choose categories & merchandise
  • Role Based Access & Maker-Checker
  • Database upload – sales data, KYC
  • Soft Benefits – Emotional connect, Relationship enhancement
  • Measurement- Online Survey, Feedback mechanisms
  • MIS & Dashboards; Suite of Reports for managers, Analysis
  • Social Recognition, Peer to Peer appreciation, Public wall
  • Non-monetary recognition – badges, leadership boards
  • Communication center – eCards, Email triggers, SMS gateway for instant communication
  • Account Management – Monthly account reviews
  • Customer Support – Call center support for program & tech queries
  • Operations Support & Fulfilment – Operational support & redemption orders fulfilment